Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Healthy-ish treat and WOD


It's been a challenging day. It's officially been a week since my dad has passed away and I've been crying periodically and feeling really 'bleh' today (as expected). Whenever I've not been feeling quite up to par, I've typically gone and baked something (which isn't helpful when you have a difficult relationship with food). Today, I aimed to bake some sort of 'treat' with what I already had in my pantry and refrigerator.

I found one and a half zucchini and one frozen banana.
Not enough to make zucchini bread. Not enough for banana bread.

...but enough to make some kind of hybrid?

I went straight to the internet and found this recipe over at I Am Baker that seemed simple enough to adapt.

I don't eat gluten (because it invites cystic acne to camp out on my face and back, ick!) and figured now is as good a time as any to try out baking with Truvia. My version will be gluten free, dairy free, and 'sugar free' (I think).

It's currently in the oven and smells DELICIOUS, but it's not quite cooking as completely as I'd hoped it would. It's hard when the proportions are slightly different than what the recipe calls for, and it often results in a less-done middle. I've encased the edges in foil as  they seem to be quite done. This may turn out to be a fail, but at least I'll know what NOT to do for next time. :)

There will be an update on the bread. At some point later today or tomorrow.


I went straight from work to the gym this morning, and I was not feeling like working out. I mixed my pre-workout and walked inside (read: begrudgingly). And boy, am I glad I did! Something I have come to realize and am quick to remind myself of:

I have never regretted doing a workout. I have often regretted skipping a workout when I didn't 'feel' like it. 

I almost always feel better when I'm finished, regardless of how I felt beforehand. The sense of accomplishment and the endorphin rush is a guaranteed mood-lifter.

Today I focused on lower body and core, total time was about an hour and fifteen. After a warm up on the stationary bike, I got cracking:

Leg Press315190lbs
Calf Raises320-15-15225-240-255lbs
Incline Sit Up w/Twist31010lbs
Squat Matrix210eaResistance Band
Sit Ups215on Bosu
Full leg ext Donkey Kicks315Resistance Band
Fire Hydrants315Resistance Band
Bridges315on Bosu
Mod. cross-chop crunches310Resistance Band
Elbow Plank11:00on Bosu

I felt great when it was over! Tomorrow will be either upper body and core or circuit training....I haven't decided yet.

Any questions or comments? Let me know! Hope your workouts are going well!

Cheers! I'm off to finish dinner while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

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